Power Talk Therapy

Online Counseling for Adults and Couples in California

Healing hearts, strengthening relationships.

Are you searching for a deep, powerful impact?
We all struggle or stumble sometimes. It’s part of being human.

Talk therapy has the power to transform your present and future.

Power Talk Therapy offers telehealth services to adults and couples across the state of California.

Our mission is to develop a strong and authentic relationship to help you traverse life’s hurdles and create the change you seek.

Whatever brought you here, we’ll walk alongside you every step of the way.

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PowerTalk Therapy



Feeling extremely worried, stuck, or out of control? Explore your symptoms, reframe negative patterns, and build effective skills for your peace of mind.


Struggling to see your worth, find motivation, or hold on to hope? Cultivate compassion, rediscover your purpose, and learn how to manage the waves.


Carrying unresolved wounds from past or ongoing experiences? Understand how trauma affects your well-being and process it to alleviate distress.

Men's Issues

Battling with work stress, masculinity standards, or the pressure to provide? Share your concerns without judgment and get practical tools to reach your goals.

Complusive Sex & Porn Usage

Dealing with sexual behaviors or pornography use that is difficult to control? Discover what’s behind these urges, reclaim control, and maintain healthier sexual habits.

Couples Counseling

Tired of conflict or on the verge of giving up on your relationship? Understand each other’s wants and needs, enhance communication, and recover trust and intimacy.


Wrestling with trauma, loneliness, or the transition into civilian life? Speak your truth, heal emotional wounds, and acquire resources to move forward.

Anger Management

When such rage is too persistent, intense, and out of control, it can have harmful consequences on your health.

Christian Counseling

Sometimes it’s easiest to speak to someone who supports your religious beliefs. Power Talk Therapy provides online Christian counseling to adults in California.
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