A few kind words from our clients.

I can’t express enough gratitude for the extraordinary care and guidance I received from my therapist, Maya. When I first began sessions with her, I was grappling with anxiety and dating issues, both of which were causing considerable distress in my life.

Maya’s remarkable approach, combined with her compassionate nature, made me feel understood and accepted. She helped me unravel the complexities of my emotions and the hurdles I faced in dating. But more than that, she equipped me with a toolkit for mental resilience, for understanding and managing my own emotional landscape.

Through our work together, I have experienced a profound personal transformation. Maya has guided me on a journey from uncertainty to a place of confidence and happiness. I’m thrilled to report that I am now happily married, and, thanks to Maya’s expertise, I have the tools to navigate life with a healthier, more robust mindset.

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my treatment and I recommend Maya with the highest regard. Her professional support has been invaluable in my journey towards emotional health and personal growth. Thank you, Maya, for the incredible difference you’ve made in my life.

Simon is a thoughtful and considerate therapist who has greatly impacted me in a positive way to help me better myself. He is passionate in his work as he is always trying to teach himself more and grow. My anxiety has lessened working with him. I would recommend him.
I’ve been seeing Simon for months and the experience so far has been wonderful! Outside of being a therapist he’s a great human being to talk life with about, and that has allowed me to grow as a person. Simon goes above and beyond to make sure my needs are well accommodated, as well as being met. I have been able to learn a lot from him and am very grateful for the advice he has given me so far.
I could not ask for a better person to hear me out. Simon is the absolute best life coach I’ve ever had. He has your best interest in mind all the time and is very diligent in helping you be a better person. Whether it’s dealing with a bad break up, like I was when I started seeing him, or helping me just be a better person all around. I truly feel blessed having me Simon. Recommended 10,000%.
I reached out to Simon during a complacent time in my life. I needed guidance, direction and motivation in many areas of life. Simon helped me build confidence and coached me through many blockers emotionally and spiritually. I can truly say Simon helped set the foundation for where I am today. I appreciated his warm spirit and venerability. I highly recommend Simon if you’re looking for growth in all areas of life!
I’ve really enjoyed working with Simon over the past four months. He’s very good at checking in on my overall mood and then following up on our more major discussions. He always sends reminder texts for our appointments, and is super helpful and accommodating when I need to reschedule. I would definitely recommend Simon to someone who is working on navigating relationships and/ or practicing self confidence.
Simon Chan is the man! I love how his exercises such as grounding helped me feel more relaxed. I appreciate it whenever he takes a moment to hear you out and then give you advice. He is a good listener and I don’t ever feel judged. I think it’s important for a therapist to let you know that they are always there for you, so there is hope in whatever situation you are going through.

Simon is the truth period! Simon has been my life coach for over a year now and he’s helped me with many different things with family, career and overall happiness. He checks in on you midweek and other various times. Very professional and passionate in what he does. Thank you for helping me in my journey Simon. 🙏🏽🙂

Simon is fantastic! He helped me work toward my goals and find clarity in my life across many dimensions. He will listen to your concerns and how you’d like to be guided, but also bring his own wisdom and resources to lead you where you envision yourself.
I have known Simon professionally and personally for over 2 years. Simon is someone who cares about building a meaningful relationship and having a positive outcome for his clients. As a former client, I highly recommended Simon for anyone who needs guidance, counseling, and/or someone to talk to.
Simon is a great listener, that’s where the best healing starts. He’s had the resources and tools so far to get be back on top and feeling much better with confidence and reassuredness. I look forward to every week for help in my peaceful mindfulness. Thank you, Simon, for everything! God Bless you for the wonderful work that you do, and for being so kind and understanding without judgement, now there’s a concept, huh? Therapy without judgement, it’s true and it’s great!!!!!
Simon is an exceptionally good listener and very empathetic. He is calm, respectful, and has a very collaborative working style. Simon always made me feel totally at ease and comfortable.
Simon is a great therapist and person. From day one he cares about getting to know you and your goals, and is committed to working with you towards them. He’s really good at identifying the specific causes for what I’ve wanted to work on, and he encourages real growth from within, not just cutting corners to make it seem so. He explains concepts, perspectives, and lessons thoroughly, and will go over them with you so you have a full understanding. I’ve never felt judged by him either! It’s refreshing and very helpful. He’s an honest and caring person who has helped me a lot 🙂 I’m glad to be going to him!
Best Therapist, I recommend him. Very good listener and very respectful he made me feel safe and comfortable.
Great understanding and insight and good at establishing a strong connection. I most definitely recommend Simon.
So professional so nicely to have him for my two kids and me so thankful.
Very down to earth guy. Understands the emotions and has plenty of tools to help!!

I met Maya during the summer of 2022. I had just turned 40 and my life felt like it had fallen apart due to turmoil in my personal relationships and my work place. I was desperately looking for a therapist and a friend of mine “strongly” recommended Maya.

Most of my life I’ve treated with male providers of all kinds, who have dismissed so many of my concerns. Meeting Maya has been the ultimate “blessing”. She really listens to you and is invested in your mental health and overall wellbeing. As a woman, this is important. Maya makes you feel heard and she’s gentle with her techniques and super patient. She will ask you some probing questions. But she will never push your boundaries or make you feel uncomfortable.

Her treatment has been the best treatment as I have been able to slowly heal and return to myself. I’m still working on myself and having Maya by my side makes me feel more confident. I feel like I have an ally and she has proven this over and over again. If you’re looking for a really empathy driven therapist, give Maya a try. I am truly grateful for her.

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