About Power Talk Therapy

Online Therapists in California | Online Counselors for Adults and Couples in California

Power Talk Therapy is an online group practice serving adults and couples throughout California.

We are a team of kind and passionate human beings ready to meet you where you are and pour our love and energy into lifting you up.

Combining a safe virtual space, empathetic and nonjudgmental support, and actionable skills, we strive to help you heal and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.

We stand for…


We encourage reflection and wonder. We’ll ask questions, connect the dots, and explore those parts of yourself that perhaps you haven’t been able or willing to uncover.

Genuine care

We aim for true transformation. We don’t want to put a bandaid on or tell you what you want to hear—but to have difficult yet necessary conversations, provide honest feedback, and challenge you to grow.


Grace is essential to our success. We’ll balance our candor with a gentle ear and an open heart to understand your unique experiences and guide you to overcome challenges.

Ongoing learning

We don’t know everything, nor do we pretend to. While we offer various evidence-based insights and tools, we learn from our clients daily and always seek new skills to improve.

What makes us different?

We believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship, not from a place of hierarchy but from a place of reciprocity and collaboration. You came looking for answers and support, and we are here to facilitate them.

Our approach is eclectic and client-centered. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter strategy—we draw from different theoretical orientations to tailor treatment to your needs, preferences, and goals.

Our team practices via a culturally-competent, sex-positive, and affirming lens. We embrace all racial, cultural, and religious backgrounds, as well as diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and lifestyles. We want you to show up as your authentic self, and we are committed to doing the same.

We also recognize the importance of accessing therapy in your first language, so we offer our telehealth services in English, Spanish, and Cantonese to give you options.

Rediscover your power.

You have a mighty power within you.

Let’s work together to help you reclaim it.

Contact us or call 949-229-3221 to book a free consultation.

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