Finding Your First Therapist

If you’ve ever tried to find a therapist that fits your needs, budget and personality, you know it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  There may be a lot of therapists out there, but who do you choose and what do you ask during your consultation? 

We’ve created some questions to ask during your consultation to make the process easier.

1. Money: Do they accept your insurance? If not, can they provide a super bill so you can be reimbursed? What is the out of pocket or cash pay rate? 

2. Scheduling: are you looking for weekday or weekend appointments? In person or online? Many therapists offer both options. 

3. Cancellation policy. Most therapists have a fee for late cancellations. Some request 24 hours or notice whereas others request 72. 

3. Timeline: How long does it take to get better? Some therapists will provide a range, such as 10 sessions or 6 months. 

4. Areas of treatment: most therapists are trained in how to treat a broad range of mental health issues and will have a specialty area.

5. Personality match: Does this person make you feel warm and fuzzy or do you cringe when they talk? 

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