Couples counseling is an exciting and evolving form of therapy

Counseling is an evolving field and that certainly holds true for couples counseling. New approaches,
techniques, and technologies have emerged that help couples to build stronger healthier relationships.

One of the more notable trends in couples counseling is the integration of technology into therapy sessions. Long distance relationships are common and in-person therapy sessions just don’t lend themselves to such arrangements. The recent proliferation of teletherapy (also referred to as virtual therapy and online therapy) allow such couples to access counseling from the comfort of their respective homes. New digital tools – such as apps and online platforms – are being incorporated by some couples therapists into the counseling sessions. These tools can help couples track progress and practice important relationship skills.

Modern couples counseling therapists are better versed in the importance of diversity and cultural
sensitivity. Many therapists are now trained to work with couples from diverse backgrounds, including
different races, religions, and sexual orientations. This means that couples are more likely to find
therapists that understand their unique needs and experiences.

Attachment theory is making its way into mainstream couples counseling. This theory suggests that the
way we bonded with our caregivers during childhood greatly shapes our patterns of attachment in
adulthood. This certainly can impact the way we relate to our partners. By helping couples understand
their attachment styles, therapists can help them identify and change unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Lastly, integrative therapy is growing in popularity. Integrative therapy combines multiple approaches and techniques to create a personalized and holistic approach to couples counseling. Every couple is different and may require different types of approaches to achieve their unique goals. By combining therapies, therapists may be able to provide couples with a more comprehensive effective treatment plan.

As we touched on, couples counseling is a dynamic evolving field. New approaches and techniques are
continually emerging. When considering a couples counselor, don’t be shy to ask them how they’re
staying on top of the latest thinking and tools.

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